By George Sandeman

When I first ventured into the world of marketing (out of which I evolved many years ago), there was a popular theory that if the research did not support the theory, it was of course wrong (the research, not the theory)! No doubt many marketeers lived to regret their gut feeling when they were proven wrong.

Well, recently I have been reading about the similar happenings in the world of science, where “popular science” spouted by interested parties cancels out the valid work of published peer-reviewed studies by eminent scientists.

Ok, so do you give up trying to work out what I am talking about? Well, of course it is about a series of bombastic, often frightening, sometimes false and nearly always misleading to the average consumer, headlines which are radiated by various health organisations all linked back to WHO.

In March, journalist Felicity Carter wrote that a “randomized control study of moderate alcohol consumption is urgently needed-but may never be possible”, and her piece in Wine Business “How Neo-Prohibitionists Came to Shape Alcohol Policy” sheds light on why.

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Many of the temperance movements – like Movendi – don’t just vigorously replicate the WHO message but go even further by actively encouraging a “cancel culture” of all scientists and science which contradicts their theory to eliminate wines, spirits and beer in any form.

However, it’s not all sunshine, roses, and bluebirds in WHO-world! The Global Burden of Disease study upon which WHO basis their “No safe level” policy statement was not only criticised for its methodology and conclusions by fellow scientists, but it was also corrected by the very scientists who did the original study.

What did the correction show? That the “No Safe Level” message is not scientifically supported.

Um!? Explain that to me, please; well, the GBD study actually supports the “J-Curve” model which shows that moderate drinkers outlive abstainers (note: this is not a reason to start drinking). What is clear is that abusers are losers!

Anyway back to the beginning, cancelling the voice of science or ruining the reputation of a researcher just because they are doing their job, and you don’t agree with it, is just not right!

Wine is more than terroir. It is culture, community, gastronomy, rural economy and social interaction. In moderation, wine is great!

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